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Being able to SPEAK English is a life-long skill

that is both appreciated and useful.

English at your company either live or online

English in 1/4 of the time = 1/4 of the cost!

Creative Language Center is celebrating more than twenty years of success in Switzerland. Our unique Method provides a fast, fun and easy way of learning English that focuses on improving students’ confidence and listening / speaking skills.

Our students learn to SPEAK English in a quarter of the time, because the approach and drills they do are completely different than traditional methods. For example:

  • Our teachers speak FAST, eliminating student’s tendencies to translate.

  • We repeat, repeat and repeat! Repetition is the key to acquiring and mastering any skill. By using oral repetition and immediate pronunciation correction, our students rapidly gain the confidence to speak English correctly and naturally without translating.

  • Our international teaching team rotates classes exposing students to a variety of English accents.

  • Our short and intensive classes ensure attention and learning without boredom. 80% of class time is spent speaking English correctly, boosting the morale and confidence of even the most timid students.


Our prices are competitive.  Our results are impressive.


Our method is designed for multinationals, with varied English levels and professional interests. Course, class duration and times are flexible to suit your company’s needs. We can provide our services at your place of business or at our conveniently located schools in Lausanne and Vevey, Switzerland or ONLINE anywhere.

We would be pleased to offer a FREE Demonstration and explanation of the Method (30-40 minutes), at your convenience and our cost.

Our passion is to enable people of all levels to SPEAK English correctly and confidently and we would enjoy the opportunity to improve your employee’s English language skills.

Sonia Molnar, HR Director at Matisa

We have been teaching "live" at Swiss Companies since 1996.

One example is Matisa, SA - in Crissier, Switzerland.  We have been teaching private and group classes for over 15 years, during lunch time.

Students appreciate when their companies offer them to learn the much appreciated skill of being able to SPEAK English.  

The classes are short and there is no homework, so it is "easy".  Just requires participation.

The companies appreciate the positive results, atmosphere and team building it brings with it.

Sonia Molnar, HR Director at Matisa

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